Homeward Bound at a Glance – March!

Homeward Bound at a Glance - January!


Spring has officially sprung and with it came joy, growth and unforgettable moments here at Homeward Bound.  

During the month of March, the youth in our Library Program enjoyed a full week of Spring Break Camp. Different community partners, such as Salad and Go joined us for enrichment activities surrounding movement, nutrition, and loads of other fun topics.  

The youth even learned about a caterpillar’s exciting journey from cocoon to butterfly!  


While the Youth Programs were having a blast indulging in Spring, the adults were able to get access to resources they need to ensure independence and financial stability thanks to our friends over at Homeless ID Project.  


Homeless ID Project helps provides individuals that are currently unhoused with the assistance they need to gain important documentation to obtain housing, employment and more.  


During all the excitement on and off campus our incredible case managers continued to go above and beyond to provide our program participants with all the resources they need to be successful. Esme, one of the incredible case management team members, was such a pillar of light that she deserved the HB Team Spotlight of the month! When Esme isn’t providing lifechanging support to our families here on campus, you can find her listening to Jason Mraz. She says his music always helps her get through difficult situations. 

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