Homeward Bound at a Glance – September

Homeward Bound at a Glance - September!


In September, the Homeward Bound Campus was filled with excitement and positive developments. It started off on a strong note with the arrival of our new CEO, Sam Fowler. 

Throughout the month, the joyous celebrations continued, including a birthday party for Tyrion, our campus service animal brought in by our amazing partners at Gabriels Angels.

We were fortunate to receive regular visits from our valued community partners at McCarthy®. They were diligently working on the laundry room renovation project, which was a great support to our campus. 

Towards the end of the month, we had a memorable event when McCarthy® unveiled our brand new “Loads of Love” facility. In addition to that, their generosity extended even further, as they awarded us a generous grant of $10,000. We are truly grateful for their support. 

Amidst all the excitement on campus, our early learning childhood facility, Strong Foundations, remained dedicated to their mission. Our Early Childhood Specialists, who are nothing short of incredible, ensured that everything ran smoothly.  
One really shined, making her our well-deserved team member of the month. Delasha, one of our outstanding Early Childhood Specialists positively impacts our youth every day. With 8 years of experience in early education, her passion for working with children shines through. Delasha’s dedication has inspired her to pursue further education in childcare, and we are grateful for her unwavering commitment and hard work. 
Overall, September was a month filled with positive changes, celebrations, and gratitude at the Homeward Bound Campus. We are excited to continue our mission of providing a nurturing environment for children and families in need. 

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