Homeward Bound at a Glance – January

Homeward Bound at a Glance - January!


Homeward Bound has so much to be excited about in 2023 as we approach our 33rd Anniversary and 23 years since our Thunderbirds Family Village Campus opened, all thanks to the Difference Makers at McCarthy Building Companies, who will be helping us by renovating our laundry facilities on campus. 

We had more visitors later this month for the onsite Job Fair, where residents and members of the community can learn about opportunities for:  


  • Employment 
  • Job trainings  
  • GED testing 

Local businesses such as Amazon and Sunstate Equipment Company were here in support of helping members of our community during their journey towards employment and higher wages to afford a stable place to call home.  

While the adults had their enrichment, so did the kids in Youth Programs, partly thanks to the team member of the month, Melissa, our Lead Yoth Mentor

Melissa is the conductor of fun, as far as everyone around campus is concerned, and spends her days inspiring the youth in our program. When Melissa isn’t at Homeward Bound, she is in her garden making use of her green thumb. It is safe to say that Melissa helps everything grow around her.  


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