Community Partner Spotlight: Thunderbirds Charities

Community Partner Spotlight: Thunderbirds Charities


Thunderbirds Charities Aids Wrap-Around Programming Amidst Arizona’s Housing Crisis PHOENIX – December 10, 2022 – On December 10, 2023, Thunderbirds Charities, awarded a grant of $225,000 to Homeward Bound to support families facing homelessness across The Valley. From 2020 to 2022 Arizona’s homelessness population rose by 23%. Funds will directly support Homeward Bound’s Shelter and Community Services Program. This grant will also support Homeward Bound’s housing navigation, which helps families find and secure permanent housing upon leaving the shelter program. Phoenix has seen an 80% increase in rent prices in the past 6 years with only a 22% income increase across the Valley. The housing navigation program is crucial in providing families with the resources and tools to find affordable and stable housing.  

“With the increasing housing crisis in our community, Thunderbirds Charities is committed to supporting the invaluable work that Homeward Bound is providing to families facing or experiencing homelessness,” said Michael Golding, President of Thunderbirds Charities. “We are honored to be part their work in serving our most vulnerable.”  

Thunderbirds Charities have been instrumental in allowing Homeward Bound to meet every family’s unique needs on their journey home since the organization’s beginnings. Homeward Bound’s campus is rightfully named, Thunderbird Family Village, due to their capital gift over 20 years ago. Their ongoing support is a true testament to their dedication to advocating and helping the community.  

“Thunderbirds Charities drives change in our community,” said Homeward Bound’s CEO Whitney Silence, “We are proud to be a recipient of these impactful funds and know firsthand the difference they make for Homeward Bound and our partners.”  

Homeward Bound is tremendously grateful for the dedication Thunderbirds Charities have shown in the community and the opportunities it has provided families facing homelessness at Homeward Bound. Many lives have changed with their support and more lives will continue to be touched by the vigorous efforts of Thunderbirds Charities. 

About Homeward Bound: Homeward Bound serves the needs of families facing homelessness with a focus on keeping families together, providing immediate shelter and tools needed to get into permanent housing quickly. The success of Homeward Bound’s tailored program is in the numbers; 90% of Homeward Bound parents will learn needed skills to stabilize their family finances and emotionally support their children and 83% of Homeward Bound families will transition into permanent housing within one year. For more information, visit 

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