Community Partner Spotlight: QuikTrip

Community Partner Spotlight: QuikTrip


Meet our community partner, QuikTrip. These incredible Difference Makers support our mission to help families facing homelessness in so many extraordinary ways. The QuikTrip team has been just as generous with their time as they have been monetarily, recently granting Homeward Bound with impactful donations  and paying our campus several visits for volunteer efforts. 


During their first visit to our campus, they helped to clean up and paint one of our apartment units to prepare for a new family to move into it. Their second visit consisted of them working with our Youth Programs to completely renovate their garden. Not only did they bring the manpower for this springtime project, but they also provided all the tools and supplies needed to complete it. 


Aside from making an impact on Homeward Bound, they work to help our community in many other ways. QuikTrip is  a designated partner for Safe Place. Safe Place is a national nonprofit that provides safety for troubled or threatened youth. For over 30 years, QuikTrip has been a designated Safe Place, where at-risk youth can come in off the street, receive food and drinks, and wait for a volunteer from a Safe Place agency partner to connect with them. We are so grateful for QuikTrip and all that they do for our community!  

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