What the lack of affordable housing means for families in the valley

What the shortage of affordable housing means for families in the valley


In Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Mesa, we are currently experiencing a shortage of affordable housing that is increasing the number of families facing homelessness at an alarming rate. This has made it extremely difficult for families to find housing and has caused the resources, normally available to this population, to become far scarcer.  


What does that mean for families living paycheck to paycheck, or the single mother of two who works an entry-level job?  


One option available to families in the valley is to utilize Homeward Bound’s Housing Navigation Services. Residents that live here on campus, as well as members of the surrounding community, can work with our Housing Navigator to find affordable housing. This allows them to gain more information on options such as low-income housing programs and assistance with the applications and move-in processes. 


Unfortunately, not all families can qualify for these programs and other forms of assistance. The income requirement is 50% or below the community, average to qualify for most forms of housing assistance. However, there are families that make just slightly above that and are still struggling to pay their bills, while managing other expenses like childcare, diapers, and transportation expenses.  This can leave people dealing with poor credit or facing evictions, making it even more challenging to find a place to call home.  


Currently, about 79% of our residents are employed and leave our campus, making just over $18 an hour. Adversely, to afford a one-bedroom apartment in the Valley, you need to make roughly $23 dollars an hour. At Homeward Bound, we work to address the need for higher-paying jobs by hosting resource fairs where the residents and members of HB Beyond can learn about employment opportunities within the community. Residents also have access to our Workforce Development Lab to assist with any employment activities such as completing applications and resume building.  In addition, during set hours, one-on-one assistance is available to help with any of these tasks and more. These resources can also be utilized during their housing search and application process.  


With affordable housing harder to find, the effects on families living in poverty and facing homelessness are undeniable.  At Homeward Bound we’re working to end homelessness through our Shelter and Community Services Programs but we need your help in doing so.  

Your contribution will help us continue to provide shelter and community services to families facing homelessness.  

Please consider making your end-of-year gift today and in the process, you may qualify for a dollar-for-dollar tax credit of up to $800. 


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