The Thread

Making a difference is our daily routine

Today’s agenda: morning coffee, dismantle poverty, check a few emails. We’re The Thread — a collective group of community ambassadors who serve as the “social fabric” tying Homeward Bound families together.

Give Once

Your generosity impacts hundreds of parents and children annually.

With a proven program to break the cycle of poverty, homeless families are given a second chance with your gracious gifts. 

Arizona Charitable Tax Credit

Give It. Get It!

100% of your dollars go toward homeless families

100% is returned to you as a tax credit

Claim the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit when you file your state tax return by reporting the amount you donated ($400 for individuals or $800 for married couples filing jointly) on Form 321 and get 100% refund for every dollar you donated. 

Homeward Bound’s QCO Code is 20518 and Tax ID is 86-0660875
In-Kind Donation

Keep pantries stocked and roofs over heads!

Your in-kind donation keeps our engine running each day. See below for our immediate list of needs.