The Teenage Brothers Giving Back to Their Community Just As Their Community Gave To Them

The Teenage Brothers Giving Back to Their Community Just As Their Community Gave To Them

You don’t have to have a lot to give a lot. Homeward Bound Program Participants Jacob, and Nova (pictured above) are great examples of the difference you can make with just a small act of kindness. Although they have faced homelessness alongside their family, they have not allowed that to stop them from impacting their community this past Easter. 

Homeward Bound offers many services for our clients, including a Library, an after-school program for children ages 5-12, and a Teen Center for youth ages 13-17. Jacob and Nova, attend our Teen Center regularly, and this past Easter worked together to host an Easter egg hunt on campus. When Homeward Bound’s Youth Mentors learned about the extent of this well-planned event, they couldn’t believe the effort these two had put into making this activity one to remember for the younger kids.  


They prepared a flyer (pictured above), organized additional activities, and had quite a selection of candy and prizes. It was the talk of the campus. When Jacob and Nova were asked what inspired the festivities, they shared about their candy business Powzerz, LLC. Nova expressed that the two had started their business while at Homeward Bound with the aspirations of being successful enough as small business owners to help nonprofits and give back to their community. 

The two teenage entrepreneurs had a very thought-out business plan and had already begun pursuing it in an impressively organized manner. They elaborated on how their Youth Mentor, Taje, helped them think about financial stability heading into adulthood and the importance of having a plan and taking the necessary steps to move forward, like how to get an LLC to legitimize owning your own business.  

This was not the first time Homeward Bound staff noticed  Jacob and Nova leading with compassion and kindness on campus, but this was by far the most extravagant gesture they have made with an equally impressive motive. Their determination to give back is a powerful reminder that kindness is a gift that keeps on giving.  

You don’t have to give much when working to make a difference. A donation of $33 a month, the equivalent of what many people spend on candy and sweets in a month, is enough to help provide access to our Shelter Program and other services to incredible human beings like Jacob and Nova. When you become a monthly donor of Homeward Bound, you truly become the thread that holds us together. 


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