Lexii’s Journey Through Ending Multigenerational Homelessness

Lexii's Journey Through Ending Multigenerational Homelessness


In America, roughly one in five women that are experiencing homelessness have experienced it throughout their childhood as well. Just like poverty, homelessness is something that can have negative effects on a family for generations to come. 


Meet Lexii, a current resident at Homeward Bound. She has suffered through multigenerational homelessness but is working hard to end the cycle for her children. Lexii, her son and daughter found Homeward Bound after about a three month wait on the Family Housing Hub waitlist. Prior to joining the waitlist, Lexii and her children escaped a domestic violence situation that left them without a place to call home, affecting her job and income as well. 


Almost immediately after joining us on the Homeward Bound campus, Lexii and her family were able to find relief with resources like our on-site Food Pantry through our partner Waste Not. She also began working with our Housing Navigator to find a permanent residence after her time at Homeward Bound. Another resource that Lexii’s case manager was quick to set her up with was the McKinney-Vento Act, a program that provides students facing homelessness certain rights like transportation to school for children that had to relocate. Through this program, children are able to maintain a sense of normalcy and proper education. 


As someone who has suffered through multigenerational homelessness, Lexii’s number one focus is breaking this cycle for her children. She shared her gratitude for programs like the McKinney-Vento Act and the community events that take place at Homeward Bound. Lexii explains how these programs allow her kids to just be kids, something she was not fortunate enough to always experience when she was as a child herself. “I remember singing certain songs or learning how to say the ABC’s when I was my kids age (5 and 3), because you don’t just want to beg for money so you need to do something.” she shared as she recalled her own childhood memories. “That’s not what I want for my children.” 


With 40% of adults facing homelessness reporting that they experienced some sort of housing disruption in childhood, Lexii is not alone in this multigenerational battle. At Homeward Bound we find it vital for the youth in our program to know that they are worthy, supported and on the path to a better future, forever ending the cycle. Through our afterschool program and Teen center we are able to provide: 

·        Education opportunities 

·        Extracurricular activities 

·        Job opportunities  

Last year we served 437 children here on campus and within our community, but we are confident we can do more with the helping hand of others. Get involved and become a Community Difference Maker by visiting today!  

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