Homeward Bound at a Glance – June!

Homeward Bound at a Glance - June!


June was an absolute blast around Homeward Bound!  


The month started off strong with Strong Foundations graduation. The children in our on-site early childhood learning center celebrated their time of promotion while putting on a stellar performance for all of the parents to enjoy.  

Later in the month, Strong Foundations hosted a water day for its returning students, helping the kids beat the heat while they enjoy their summer vacation.  

The older kids on campus were having just as much fun, if not more, during their all-day summer camp. Fun activities like a book fair took place, allowed the kids to make meaningful Summertime memories while working on important things like life skills and literacy. 

All of this fun would not be possible without the Youth Mentors and Early Childhood Specialists on our campus, making sure the kids get all of the support and care they need. One Early Childhood Specialist who truly shined this past month was Bertha. Bertha has worked in early childhood education for 22 years and shares how special it is to see her pre-k class graduate to kindergarteners. When Bertha isn’t tending to the preschoolers here on campus, she proudly takes care of her three wonderful children. We are so grateful for all she does around Homeward Bound.  

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