Gifts in-kind and in-kind donations help Homeward Bound further our mission, and bring resources to homeless families in Phoenix, Arizona. Many families arrive at Homeward Bound with just the clothes on their backs. Your in-kind gift can help provide them with food, clothing, and other household items so they can focus their efforts on their children, jobs, and getting stable.

Please consider donating any of the item(s) below. If you have an item to donate outside of this list, please e-mail our Community Outreach Manager or call us a (602) 374-8765.

We appreciate your in-kind donations that support Homeward Bound families! In the event an item no longer meets a specific or requested need, or we face a storage limitation, donations may be shared with other local agencies to benefit our community.

Drop off your donations to Homeward Bound at 2302 West Colter Street, Phoenix, AZ 85015. We accept in-kind donations Monday - Friday between 9:00 am - 5:00 pm.