Homeward Bound Receives $195,000 Grant from Valley of the Sun United Way

July 25, 2018
CONTACT: Jordan Moreno
TEL: 602-374-8754
EMAIL: j.moreno@homewardboundaz.org

PHOENIX, ARIZONA – On July 15, 2018, Homeward Bound received notice that they would receive $195,000 from Valley of the Sun United Way (VSUW) to fund two integral programs within the organization.

Homeward Bound is committed to serving the fastest growing homeless population in Maricopa County- families, by recognizing that simply providing housing is not enough. Instead, they take a two-generational approach through programming and education to provide families and children with the tools they need to thrive. While going through the year-long program, Homeward Bound residents see an increased sense of self, pay off their own debts, work to clear their past eviction records, and build up their own savings accounts to secure stable housing after exiting.

Funding from Valley of the Sun United Way will be divided into two programs. The first is the Siemer Family Stability Program to provide case management, regularly scheduled classes for both parents and children and youth enrichment programs. The second portion of funds will go toward support of Strong Foundations Early Learning Center within Homeward Bound which prepares children for future academic and life-long success by providing high quality early education in an emotionally supportive environment, designed to build resiliency.

“We look forward to continuing our mission of breaking the cycle of poverty in the Valley by supporting two critical Homeward Bound programs which are aimed at helping both adults and children gain the knowledge they need to permanently beat homelessness,” said Brian Spicker of Valley of the Sun United Way. “We believe providing education and resources makes a meaningful and lasting difference in the lives of families and we’re thrilled to support these initiatives.”

Valley of the Sun United Way has unified diverse partners, donors, business supporters, nonprofits, government and faith-based communities to build a stronger Valley for us all. United Way and its 90,000 donors, 400 business supporters and 5,000 volunteers fight to break the cycle of poverty by ensuring children and youth succeed, ending hunger and homelessness, and increasing the financial stability of families.

“We are overjoyed! What a way to wrap up the summer,” said Becky Jackson, President and CEO of Homeward Bound. “Our support from Valley of the Sun United Way has the ability to change the trajectory for homeless children and families in Maricopa County.”  

About Homeward Bound:
Homeward Bound is an Arizona based, 501(c)(3) non-profit that serves the needs of over 130 homeless families each year, providing them with not just housing, but an in-depth program including financial planning, healthy relationship building, parenting and self-improvement coaching to get clients back on their own two feet. The mission is to create pathways out of poverty for homeless families ready to make a change. The result is that 82% of adults obtain employment, and 94% of children improve their grades in school after entering the Homeward Bound program.

To learn more about Homeward Bound, please visit www.HomewardBoundAZ.org

To learn more about Valley of the Sun United Way, please visit www.VSUW.org.