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The Thread

Today’s agenda: morning coffee, dismantle poverty, check a few emails. We’re The Thread — a collective group of community ambassadors who serve as the “social fabric” tying Homeward Bound families together. It takes all kinds to make a difference. From boss ladies and gym rats, to crossword champs, CEO’s and houseplant heroes, our impact is strong as one, stronger together.


Whether you donate once, join a giving society to donate monthly, or support with in-kind resources, your contributions provide housing and resources to homeless families in the Valley. 


We ♥  our volunteers, and couldn’t do it without you! Our campus welcomes corporate groups and individuals daily. We surely have the perfect task for your group to tackle!

To change a life, start by completing our application below. 

Hey, we get it. You are busy! Here are a few of our favorite ways to support homeless families with a few clicks of a button.

Keep up with the latest on social media, set up an Amazon Smile account and donate while you shop, browse our  Target and Amazon Wishlists