Spotlight on Success: Stephanie F.

Stephanie is a 27-year old single mom residing at Homeward Bound with her 4-year old son. She became enrolled with the Staff Logic Employment Center on the Homeward Bound campus on August 31, 2016. At the time of enrollment, Stephanie was residing at Homeward Bound for approximately three months. She is a high school graduate, but felt she lacked the skills and experience to fully transition into working, which became discouraging while job searching. Although employed at the time, she was never added to the schedule to actually begin working. Faced with a deadline, Stephanie began visiting the employment center daily, for hours at a time, where she would complete job search logs, and receive coaching from the career advisor. During that time, she also completed her Individual Employment Plan, Resume Development, Mock Interviewing, and Holland Codes Assessment. Stephanie’s immediate goal was to secure a position within close distance to her son’s daycare center, which is located in Scottsdale. Within weeks, Stephanie achieved her short-term IEP goal and has since, been well on her way to success.

On September 19, 2016, Stephanie began working at Chipotle in Scottsdale, which is literally within walking distance from her son’s daycare. Stephanie was very happy to officially begin work and building of her skills and abilities to contribute to her work experience. To date, she is still employed with Chipotle and has since received an increase in wages and expansion of responsibilities. Her goal at this moment is to become a team lead, eventually furthering her career by enrolling in college courses, and fully provide stability for herself and her family.

Stephanie is a success because she dedicated an extensive amount of time into achieving a specific goal, and achieved it! She demonstrated that through consistency and determination, anything is possible! Stephanie will continue to be successful because she believes that giving up is not an option. We are proud of her short-term achievements and are looking forward to her bright future!

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