Soaring With Thunderbird Charities


June 1st 2018

PHOENIX, ARIZONA – On May 23, 2018, Thunderbirds Charities, contributed $150,000 to Homeward Bound towards the Empowering Homeless Families with Children program. This program provides housing and delivers important programming for homeless children and their parents. The Thunderbird Charities will be instrumental in continuing efforts to serve this growing segment of Phoenix’s homeless population; families.

Thunderbirds Charities have been instrumental in allowing Homeward Bound to create pathways out of poverty for homeless families since the organization’s beginnings. Homeward Bound’s campus is rightfully named, Thunderbird Family Village, due to the support received for decades as a result of Thunderbird Charities’ devotion and advocacy in the community. Their commitment expands from contributions like this, to events like the annual Holiday Party they host every December for families at Homeward Bound. Families are afforded the opportunity to receive assistance and guidance through programs supported by Thunderbird Charities, as well as memorable festivities that leave lasting impressions on the families at Homeward Bound.

Lisa* lived paycheck to paycheck and lost her apartment as rents continue to rise and not her income. She came to Homeward Bound with her children and only the clothes on their backs after living in their car.

Homeward Bound is tremendously grateful for the dedication Thunderbirds Charities have shown in the community and the opportunities it has provided homeless families at Homeward, like Lisa’s. Many lives have changed with their support and more lives will continue to be touched by the vigorous efforts of Thunderbirds Charities.

* Name has been changed to protect the privacy of the families.