Invest in Homeless Families each month

Announcing BOUNDLESS, the easiest and most effective way to help the homeless families that Homeward Bound serves.

To join, all you need to do is sign up to give a monthly donation. You'll be automatically enrolled as a BOUNDLESS member — a group of people with an endless passion that inspires them to help homeless families get out of poverty.

Be a monthly funder, #BeBOUNDLESS, and help show homeless families a world of possibilities. You can cancel, pause, or change your monthly gift at any time.

Join Boundless

BOUNDLESS is an automatic monthly donor program that helps support our housing and support programs for homeless families in Maricopa County. It’s like your monthly subscription to Netflix or Spotify, but it helps homeless families in our community.

Why Give Monthly?

#1. It's Affordable

Your donation is spread out on a monthly basis, making it more affordable. You can choose any amount that fits your budget.

#2. It's Sustainable

Your gift provides sustainable and predictable support for our programs that help homeless families in our community.

#3. It Shows Passion

You’ll be joining a group of our most dedicated supporters who understand the importance of helping homeless families.

#4. Exclusive Benefits

Including monthly e-Newsletters, update letters from our CEO, and a special surprise from our families and staff.

Your Gift Helps Provide:


Safe, stable housing. Including more than 80 fully furnished two-bedroom apartments.

Job Help

A fully staffed and on-site career resource center that helps families better their careers.

Life Skills

GED tutoring and free classes on parenting, self-esteem, home maintenance, and more.

Childhood Education

On-site childcare and extracurricular activities available for resident children.

"Giving monthly helps me to never forget those who are in need."
Phoenix, AZ
"I give monthly because the less a child has to think about where they are going to sleep that night, the more they can learn, grow and dream."
Ahwatukee, AZ
"I donate monthly because I feel I'm making a difference to help someone who really needs it."
Joe Silence
Scottsdale, AZ
Founding Members:

  • Kathy Sachen-Gute

  • Chris Stage

  • Tracey Lane

  • Amy Funes

  • Emily Weinacker

  • Erin, Mary, & John Dover

  • Joe Silence

  • Megan Stout

  • Lance T. Gray

  • Daniel Patterson

  • Charles Molnar

  • Tiffany Cooper

  • April Lane

  • Albert Buehman

  • Caroline Larsen

  • Gregg Faith

  • Karina Davis

  • Diane Sanders

  • Timothy Braun

  • Sandra Zinn