HB Beyond and HB University

HB Beyond

HB Beyond is Homeward Bound’s aftercare program for residential clients exiting our campus. When a family is ready to transition out of our program, they are invited to enroll in our aftercare program with regular check-ins to provide individualized resources, invitations to community events, continued access to employment support, and more. HB Beyond also tracks a number of outcomes for families who have exited Homeward Bound. Regular check-ins provide our team with information on a family’s success for up to two years after they leave our program, including employment, education, and housing status for all household members.

HB University

HB University is an additional resource for families experiencing poverty or homelessness, providing them with tools to change their trajectory without ever having to step onto our campus. This virtual portal houses classes, resources and other opportunities for our campus and community families to access education from anywhere.

For those interested in signing up for HB University resources click below to register.

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