Get your Friends and Family Involved

Fundraising has never been easier with our new online fundraising platform. It lets you easily rally your friends and family together to raise money to help homeless families in our community. It only takes a minute to get started! How will you #HBeTheChange?

STEP 1: Choose a Campaign

Begin by choosing what kind of fundraiser you want to start. Our campaigners have done some crazy things to raise money for homeless families — like jumping out of planes, running marathons, and celebrating birthdays by asking for donations instead of gifts. Need some ideas?

Donate Your Birthday

Ask for donations instead of gifts on your birthday

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Run a Marathon

You can run a Marathon, 5K or even a personal mileage goal

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Take on a Challenge

Is bungee jumping calling your name? Or maybe skydiving?

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Host an Event

Host a bowling or dodgeball tournament, dance off, wine tasting or dinner party

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Name Your Own

Shave your head, grow a mustache, dance all day, play a video game, dye your hair blue or another outrageous idea

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STEP 2: Share Your Campaign

Once your campaign is complete, tell your friends and family about it. Share your campaign on social media, email, or in person. Ask them to support you to #HBeTheChange! We have all the resources you need.


Send an e-mail to friends and family letting them know about your fundraiser

Social Media

Share your campaign with friends and family on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram

Fundraising Resources

Here are some tools to help you reach your goal.


If you would like any help in creating your fundraiser, we're happy to assist you! Tracey Lane, our Senior Development Manager, will gladly walk you through the process.

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