Mary S.

We wanted to take a second and share an email sent to Homeward Bound by one of our previous residents, Mary S. Mary was one of our scattered sites families and graduated from the Homeward Bound program approximately 1 year ago in August. Since leaving, Mary has continued to worked on her goals and has finally achieved her goal of … Read More

Michelle L.

Michelle and her two sons graduated from Homeward Bound’s program recently. The family accomplished a lot while they were with us, including purchasing their own mobile home.  Some of Michelle’s other accomplishments while with us include; paying off several debts including an eviction and auto loan; beginning her degree in Elementary Education; and building a decent savings on top of … Read More

Meet some of Homeward Bound’s biggest Achievers

This photo is from the Achiever’s Dinner that was held Wednesday, August 9, 2017. The 15 clients in the photo were honored for achieving a variety of accomplishments that will support them in their journey of self-sufficiency. Achievements included: The motivation and tenacity of these individuals is truly impressive, and they are succeeding thanks to their determination AND the support … Read More

Spotlight on Success: Gabriela

Meet Gabriela, one of the residents at Homeward Bound. Supporters like you allow us to assist hundreds of families like Gabriela’s in our community every year.

Spotlight on Success: Stephanie F.

Stephanie is a 27-year old single mom residing at Homeward Bound with her 4-year old son. She became enrolled with the Staff Logic Employment Center on the Homeward Bound campus on August 31, 2016. At the time of enrollment, Stephanie was residing at Homeward Bound for approximately three months. She is a high school graduate, but felt she lacked the … Read More

Spotlight on Success: Ashley F.

Ashley and her 7-year old daughter are new residents to Homeward Bound as of February 2017 and became enrolled in our Staff Logic Employment Center, staffed by AWEE career specialists, on March 21, 2017. Ashley began the program with a few barriers which included child care, financial issues, lack of experience and skills, and background offenses which caused her to … Read More

James T.

Q. How did your housing situation become unstable? James: I’m a single parent, and I was with someone but unfortunately we broke up. I wound up couch surfing, from this couch to that couch. I actually went to live with my son, because I kind of had “plans” or ideas of what I wanted to do. And I’ll tell you … Read More

Ondrea C.

Ondrea C. never thought about what it must be like to be homeless. “I lost my job, we got evicted from our place, and we didn’t have anywhere to go.” It was devastating. For the next few months, Ondrea’s family spent their time bouncing in and out of friend’s homes, crashing on couches. But the toll was hard, especially on … Read More