Homeward Bound Continues Partnership with APS to Fund Early Learning Center Remodel

August 10, 2018
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Homeward Bound Continues Partnership with APS to Fund Early Learning Center Remodel

PHOENIX, ARIZONA — On August 1, 2018 Arizona Public Service (APS) donated $40,000 to Homeward Bound to help fund the remodel of several preschool classrooms within Strong Foundations, Homeward Bound’s Early Learning Center. Strong Foundations prepares children for future academic and life-long success by providing high quality early education in an emotionally supportive environment, designed to build resiliency with a 4-star head start program.

As a longstanding partner, APS is involved with Homeward Bound on a continual basis, spearheading volunteer projects and sponsoring Homeward Bound’s largest annual fundraising event, the Old Bags Luncheon. With the announcement of APS’s latest grant, Homeward Bound will remodel the preschool program rooms of Strong Foundations Early Learning Center. The remodel will include new floors and cabinets, as well as size-appropriate furnishings to foster a sense of community within the classroom.

The Strong Foundations program at Homeward Bound provides safe, high quality, childcare so that parents may attend classes, work, or necessary appointments to get back on their own two feet. The early learning facility serves an average of 100 children annually from current and former client families, staff families, and families from the neighboring community ages six-weeks through five-years old in a total of six classrooms. At Strong Foundations Early Learning Center, toddler and preschool programs implement a mixed-age model where children spend several years with the same teachers. This model allows the teachers to develop a deeper understanding of a child’s strengths and needs, especially in cases of children with higher developmental and behavioral needs due to the trauma they experienced while homeless. Children develop a sense of family with their classmates and older children have the opportunity to serve as leaders. This model also provides children and their families a sense of stability and routine, which encourages academic and emotional growth.

About Homeward Bound

Homeward Bound is an Arizona based, COA accredited, 501(c)(3) non-profit that serves the needs of over 130 homeless families each year, providing them with not just housing, but an in-depth program including financial planning, healthy relationship building, parenting and self-improvement coaching to get clients back on their own two feet. The mission is to create pathways out of poverty for homeless families ready to make a change. The result is that 82% of adults obtain employment, and 94% of children improve their grades in school after entering the Homeward Bound program.

To learn more about Homeward Bound, please visit https://www.HomewardBoundAZ.org

To learn more about APS, please visit https://www.aps.com/en/communityandenvironment/Pages/home.aspx