Meet some of Homeward Bound’s biggest Achievers

This photo is from the Achiever’s Dinner that was held Wednesday, August 9, 2017. The 15 clients in the photo were honored for achieving a variety of accomplishments that will support them in their journey of self-sufficiency. Achievements included:

  • Significantly reducing or eliminating debt
  • Getting a driver’s license reinstated
  • Completing probation or paying off fines
  • Getting a job promotion
  • Establishing a significant savings account
  • Preparing to purchase a home

The motivation and tenacity of these individuals is truly impressive, and they are succeeding thanks to their determination AND the support and guidance from their case managers. Liz, Judy, Esme, Roxanne, and Amanda all did a phenomenal job preparing and hosting this event, as well as speaking about their clients, telling their stories, and truly honoring the mission of Homeward Bound. Thank you to each of you for putting together such a great evening, and for all of the work you do every day with families.

We also have to acknowledge the AMAZING dinner prepared by our own Chef Kellie Roe, who spent two days preparing the food and stayed late after a day of providing meals for the children of Strong Foundations to make sure the clients and their children had a wonderful meal as part of their celebration.

I really feel very lucky to be a part of such a great team and organization. Kudos to Case Management AND these families!!

— Patsy Rethore-Larson, M.Ed
Vice President of Programs
Homeward Bound

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